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Customer Desires:

This house is a contemporary style located in Rowaton, CT. The original cabinetry wasyour basic builders grade stock cabinet and did not match the style of the house at all. The homeowner vision was to create a kitchen that complemented the house. Sleek lines and pop describe this kitchen best.

Designer’s Solution:
The main components of this kitchen are the cherry cabinetry and the stainless steel island. The cabinetry style was a simple wide framed shaker door. The simplicity of this door style makes it a great selection for a contemporary kitchen.

The Stainless Steel Island and appliances really added life to this kitchen. The glass tile backsplash added even more glitter.

Highly polished black granite was used for the countertop. A commercial grade sink and faucet and heavy stainless steel door and drawer handles were the finishing touches needed to complete this kitchen. The end result is a dazzling kitchen with a flare of elegance.