Many times when a homeowner decides to do a remodeling project they tend to focus on all the little details of the project first.  When in fact their main concern should be focused on finding a remodeling company has successfully proven themselves and offers a complete solution.  Kitchen design Center is not a commodity store, though we do offer a product only package our main focus is on complete projects that require detail design and decision making skills.  The services listed below are the accumulation of what to expect when becoming a client.

Design Services

Kitchen Design Center extends many services not offered by its competitors.  As the name implies, Kitchen Design Center's main focus is on design. For a great design is the key to a magnificent kitchen or bath, or any home project for that matter.  It all starts with a great design!  The first step to giving or clients a great design is to ask questions, lots of question and to listen!  We do this because we, as designers, must know exactly what the client is expecting from their new space.  We must have complete knowledge of the existing space and all its existing issues; what elements the client wants to change and what elements they want to keep.  An in-home consultation is a necessity to achieve this.  At the In-home consultation, the designer can witness first hand the existing space and all the issues surrounding it.  He or she can discuss with the homeowner details about the space and create the outline for the specifications for the new space.  For example; 1) what does the homeowner like/dislike about the current space?, 2) what must the client have in their new space?, 3) what would the client like to have in their new space?, 4) what does the client not want in the new space?.  

Money Management

You are probably asking yourself; Why should money management be my designer's concern.  For most design showroom, it is not their concern.  That's because most cabinet showrooms act as a commodity store.  They are there to sell cabinetry.  We at Kitchen Design Center are not solely selling cabinetry.  Our main products that we sell are successful projects!  Part of a successful project is completing the project "On budget".  It is very difficult and time consuming for a homeowner to try to do this on their own.  We as designers will guide and inform the homeowner so that the project stays on target.  Having a realistic budget that both the homeowner and designer are comfortable with is the key.  Once established, 1) the designer can offer different design and project options so that the "On budget" goal is reached, 2) help the determine what is most important in the project, thus putting the emphasis where the homeowner can get the most bang for tier buck.

Project Coordinator

Kitchen Design Center is a "one stop" design experience.  We offer all the main elements of a kitchen and bath project.  This includes; cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and fixtures.  This allows our designers to completely coordinate the entire project for our clients ensuring that the end result has that "WOW" factor that most people are looking for. This is their main concern and is what makes Kitchen Design Center so successful.

Project Management

Project management of a kitchen or bath project is so important in making a project successful.  Our project management staff ensures that product is ordered correctly and that it arrives on time for the project.  They ensure that our tradesman are all on board with the project details, scheduling and homeowner specific requirements.  The project manager keeps the homeowner up to date with specifics of the project and addresses and issues that may arise during the installation process.

Customer Service/Quality Assurance

Customer service and quality assurance is a service we pride ourselves on at Kitchen Design Center. It begins when our client walks through the door for that first visit and continues even after the project is complete. Our goal is to make our clients as comfortable and relaxed with the remodeling process as possible.  The means lots of hand holding where needed and, more importantly, keeping them informed as the project progresses.

To ensure that cabinet orders arrive to specifications,  Kitchen Design Center has developed a 50 point check list and review process.  Before a cabinet order can be submitted, the order and design must completely pass this review.

Certified NKBA designers 

Kitchen Design Center employs NKBA (National Kitchen And Bath Association) certified designers.  This means that our clients can be assured that their deigns meet all the current restrictions and guidelines. Our designers love what they do and have a true passion for their work.  This is not just a job for them. They are tops in their field and their talent comes through on every project!

Licensed, Insured and Reliable Tradesman

Unfortunately, today's world we all have to worry about being scammed and being taken advantage of.  This is an honest concern and to help ease our client's mind we at Kitchen Design Center use ONLY licensed, insured and reliable tradesman.  We have a set group of tradesman that we have used exclusively for over a decade.  We do not deviate from this group because they have proven themselves time and time again to be professional, accommondating and highly skilled individuals. They are an extension of Kitchen Design Center and, as such, we insist on no less.  In addition to being assured that your project will be safely and properly installed, it also means that 1) you and your home will be respected, 2) the project will be neat and orderly, 3) your project will be completed in a timely manner.