Cherry Country Kitchen

We just finished remodeling a great kitchen in the historic section of Milford, Ct. The cabinetry is made by Starmark. It is a cherry wood and designed as a country style kitchen. This kitchen could also be considered as a traditional style. To make the kitchen look a more country style, country accessories are added. This includes the porcelain farmhouse sink and the ceramic backsplash. Enjoy.

Double Ovens without Sacrificing Countertop space

Double wall ovens are great, but in this case, they would have taken away too much valuable countertop space.  However, the homeowner wanted two ovens. Here is what we did.

Two wall ovens were placed in base cabinets.  The result is both functional and beautiful.  As a bonus, it actually reduced the cost of the cabinetry.  Better design, less cost; how could this homeowner not love our solution!

Corner Cooking Area Solution

Dark cherry cabinetry and dark granite countertops always make for a classic look. This is a small kitchen and we had to be creative to maximize the wall space. Two problems existed: 1) the window could not be moved due to budget,  and 2) a staircase to the right (not viewed) prevented us from placing the appliances on the right hand wall.

To solve this, we decided to place the range in the corner of this kitchen.  This created a very interesting look while also solving a very serious problem for this kitchen.

White Beadboard Paneled Inset Kitchen

A beadboard paneled inset door was perfect for this home near the shore. Here is a classic look but we added a twist.  For this kitchen, the designer felt that the beadboard for the upper cabinetry would be too overpowering for the room.  By choosing to use a complementary flat panel for the upper cabinets, the kitchen became a less busy and the cabinetry was no longer overpowering.

Not all the cabinet doors need to match. But, there should be some commonality between them.  In this case, all the doors have the same framing and inside profile.

Simple Elegance

White cabinetry never seems to go out of style. Here a minimalistic design has created a simple elegance and timeless beauty.

A few features that simplify this design are the flat door panels, drawer heads and the peninsula back panel.  The finish is a tinted varnish without any glazing.  Glazing will highlight details: this is not what we want here.  Also, note that the backsplash is painted and not yet tiled.  Sometimes less is better.

Rearrangement of Space

Customer’s objective:
This client had a kitchen that felt small and crammed, and lacked proper lighting. Their children needed a space to easily unload their book bags and outside wear, along with a space where they could join in and help out with the meals. The homeowners wanted the new design to be both clean and functional.

Shoreline Kitchen

Customer Desires:

This house was located near a marina in Milford, a quaint shoreline town of Connecticut. The homeowner wanted the sights and sounds of the marina to fill the kitchen during boating season. It was also important for the new kitchen design to be clean and project traditional shoreline elegance. It included an open and airy atmosphere.

Designer’s Solution:

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