Waterfront Condo "The Bachlerette Pad"

Our client purchased a new condo unit but didn't like the design or quality of the existing kitchen.  Fresh kitchen ideas were needed!  She wanted an open, airy floor plan that would complement the beautiful ocean view from the breakfast area.  The ceilings were tall so the cabinets did not need to extend to the ceiling.  This helped create the openness tha she wanted.

To pull the feel of the ocean, our designer chose a pearl color for the island.  This is a standard color in our Starmark line.

She will be enjoying her Bechlerette Oad for years to come.

Spacious Kitchen

This client came to us looking for a fresh spacious feel to their kitchen.  They were a young professional couple looking for clean lines and a sophicitated look.  We had very little design limitations and spce was not an issue.  The designer chose the island to be the focal point of the room.  Minimalistic kitchen designs are very trendy with todays young adults.  Little clutter and less detail offers a clean and inviting look and feel.

This is a great design for today's life style.

Exotic Wood Veneers

Looking for something unique?  How about exotic wood veneers? This kitchen was custom designed and built using a Fingered Anigre veneer.

Exotic wood veneers have become very popular, but can be expensive. Fortunately, cabinet manufactures now offer man-made engineered veneers that mimic the look of the real ones.  Custom designs are only limited by the designer’s imagination. We actually did nine designs for this customer.  I’m not advocating doing nine designs, but in this case, persistence paid off! 

Contemporary Flair

Customer Desires:

This house is a contemporary style located in Rowaton, CT. The original cabinetry wasyour basic builders grade stock cabinet and did not match the style of the house at all. The homeowner vision was to create a kitchen that complemented the house. Sleek lines and pop describe this kitchen best.

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