Should I use cararra marble or granite?

A customer was trying to blend their upper cabinets with their lower cabinets. The lower cabinets are made of cherry while the upper cabinets are an off white. She likes the look of cararra but was also considering Kashmir White granite and Ivory Brown.  She asked which do we suggest?

I think the choice of granite makes sense. The Cararra marble, as pretty as it is, does not have any brown in it. It is white with gray tones. This would work with the cherry cabinets but not with the off white unless it is a mushroom color (grayish). The Kashmir White has the browns in it that are needed, and is a subtle pattern. The Ivory brown will also work.

It you like the look of Cararra you should look at French Vanilla marble. It is like Cararra but has brown tones rather than gray ones. Keep in mind that marble is a softer stone and has a greater porosity than granite. This means that it is more prone to staining. If you do use granite make sure that it is properly sealed.

You may also want to ask your granite dealer about honing the granite. Honing provides a warmer look than the polished stone and might provide you with a look that better ties your upper and lower cabinets together.